Moran, Kansas
339 N. Cedar St.
PO Box 188
Moran, KS  66755-0188
Phone: (620) 237-4271
Fax : (620) 237-4291
Established 1881


          The Mayor and Moran City Council welcomes you and extends a general invitation to all regular and special public meetings.  City Council meetings are held on the first Monday of each  month at 7:00 pm at Moran City Hall, 339 N. Cedar St. in Moran.

          The Mayor and Council hopes you enjoy the convenience of viewing the council meeting agendas and minutes on the website. Please note that the same information is always available to the public by request to the City Clerk at or by calling (620) 620-237-4271. 

You may also send correspondence to:
City of Moran
Attn: Mayor/City Council Member ____________
P.O. Box 188
Moran, KS  66755-0188

Governing Body

Phillip Merkel, Mayor                                        James A. Mueller, Council President
PO Box 203                                                                                                                        PO Box 216
Moran, KS 66755                                                                                                 Moran, KS 66755
620-237-4558                                                                                                             620-237-4324
Term 2015-2017                                                                                                       Term 2015-2017
Bill Bigelow, Council Member                                  Chad Lawson, Council Member
 637 N. Spruce St.                                                                                                     507 N. Park St.
 Moran, KS 66755                                                                                               Moran, KS 66755 
620-363-0817                                                                                                             620-237-4277
Term 2016-2018                                                                                                       Term 2015-2017

Kris Smith, Council Member                                        Jerry Wallis, Council Member

416 N. Birch St.                                                                                                        219 S. Birch  St.
Moran, KS 66755                                                                                                 Moran, KS 66755
620-228-1871                                                                                                            620-237-4433
Term 2016-2018                                                                                                      Term 2016-2018

History of Moran Leaders
Mayors                                                                                                               City Council